Ipecac Production
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Ipecac Production

Exotic Naturals is one of the largest manufacturers of Ipecac liquid extract 2% from India.

Ipecac liquid extract production starts right from sourcing Cephaelis ipecacuanha roots from world class ipecac plantation farms in Latin America and India. The dried roots and rhizomes are carefully selected at appropriate maturity to yield highest concentration of Emetine. The raw material is stored to ensure the maximum viability of its pharmacologically active ingredient.

Ipecac roots are extracted using proprietary extraction method to yield Ipecac 2% liquid extract complying with British Pharmacopeia 2007.

Ipecac liquid extract is manufactured with an end to end quality control approach right from Cultivation to in-process and then to final packaging. This assures product compliance with all the International regulations for active constituents and impurities including impurity free solvents.

Alkaloids > 2%
Alcohol based (with 96% distilled ethanol grade)
Complies to BP 2007, EP & CP standards
Non GMO (Non Genetically modified organism)
Guaranteed purity